Optimzing the Flow of Knowledge

The flow of knowledge is central and critical to our information-based economy just as surely as is the flow of energy. Knowledge must flow from machine-hosted information repositories to the people who access and rely on them. Knowledge must flow between systems and networks for these to interoperate effectively. And knowledge must ultimately flow from human to human for computer-mediated communications to earn their value. But each of these flows is, today, critically suboptimal. Users are drowning in computer-based data and information while starving for decisive knowledge. Lack of systems interoperability conservatively costs the US over $100B annually while semantic interoperability is considered one of the most daunting challenges we face. Each of these is a breakdown in the flow of knowledge.

In the energy sector long standing methods have supported the flow of energy. Prime among these is the survey, a principled and unbiased means to determine where to look, what to look for and to reveal the comparative qualities and quantities, both positive and negative, of potential targets. Survey before you drill is a well established methodology. But no analogous methods to enable and optimize the flow of knowledge have been available, until now.

Enter NeoLogical SURVEYOR, a breakthrough resulting from over two-decades of research in the field. SURVEYOR enables and optimizes the flow of knowledge by surveying the available information and adaptively zeroing in on and optimizing what to look for and where to look while surfacing the relevant trade-offs. SURVEYOR's adaptive trade space of optimal knowledge is applicable to human-machine, machine-machine and human-machine-human flows.

SURVEYOR is available as a hosted service or as a server license.

Please contact Linda Von Schweber at linda@neological.com for more information.

NeoLogical is a spin off from Infomaniacs think tank. NeoLogical SURVEYOR is being applied to healthcare by PharmaSURVEYOR.